Frequently asked questions

Why are the principles so general?  How will this impact specific policies?

The purpose of this statement is to create a paradigm for recovery efforts and a lens through which to evaluate recovery policies. We also hope that it can inspire community members to take a more active role in shaping the future of Squamish. If we can align on shared goals of a just and sustainable recovery, we can leverage that into a collaborative process towards policy implementation. We'll be working to develop a community-led action plan later in the year (hopefully with your input!).

How does this proposal fit with the District of Squamish’s existing strategies and the Official Community Plan?

We believe that the principles outlined in the Just Recovery proposal are very much aligned with the goals of the Official Community Plan: to create a community that is Resilient, Healthy, Connected, Liveable, and Engaged. The COVID pandemic has created new conditions for individuals, organizations, and local government -- and an opportunity to come together and determine a path forward. This work aims to guide our new path forward, and applies to a much shorter timeframe than the OCP.

How does this proposal fit with the District of Squamish’s Community Climate Action Plan?

In July 2019, the District of Squamish declared a Climate Emergency, and in April 2020 the District adopted a Community Climate Action Plan. We are encouraged to see the District of Squamish recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis, and we ask that it remains front and centre in COVID recovery plans. Greenhouse gas emissions reductions are an important component of everything we do going forward, but the challenge of climate change presents a scope that extends far beyond emissions reduction measures. A holistic recovery plan can ensure that we build back into a more sustainable community -- without leaving anyone behind.

What does it mean to endorse the proposal?

Endorsing these principles, in practical terms, just means adding your name to our list of supporters! We hope that by drawing broad community support, we can both rally collective action in support of a Just Recovery and express to every level of government -- District, Provincial, and Federal -- how important it is that we don't try to return to a "business as usual" scenario.

Who can endorse the just recovery proposal?

Anyone! We are inviting individuals, organizations, and businesses to express their support for a Just Recovery.

How is the District of Squamish involved?

This is a grassroots effort to bring together individuals and organizations to call for a Just Recovery. Local government -- the District of Squamish -- is playing and will continue to play a critical role in our response to the pandemic. We’ll be asking Squamish Council to endorse these principles on July 21.

What other Just Recovery work is being done in Canada?

There is a national movement for a just recovery, with hundreds of organizations on board. Here is the link to the national movement page: There are countless other organizations and activists working towards similar goals around the world! More information can be found on our "About" page.

Why do we need a Just Recovery?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our society. For some in Squamish, it may feel like life is returning to normal and that our community has escaped relatively unharmed, but even here, there are many who are feeling the effects profoundly. The World Bank has predicted that the global economy will shrink by 5.2% this year and economies focused on tourism and exports (like Canada’s) will be hit hardest. Normal was a crisis for many historically marginalized communities and COVID-19 has dramatically worsened that crisis both at home and across Canada. Our recovery from the pandemic is an opportunity to build back better and leave no one behind.