What is a Squamish Just Recovery?

Squamish is an amazing place that gives meaning to so many of us; its rivers, mountains, and ocean define the bounds of our existence, as playground, provisioner, and home. We are humbled to live here and recognize what a privilege it is to live and work on the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation, the territory they've stewarded since time immemorial. Indigenous sovereignty must be an integral part of any plans to move forward.

Inspired by just recovery movements around the world, we came together based on the belief that COVID-19 pandemic has put us at an inflection point -- we can either spend billions returning to a facade of "business as usual," a world of vast inequality and cascading ecological crises, or we can come together to shape a better future. We need all hands on deck to create a just and sustainable civilization that works for all.

The choices we make today will shape our society, economy, health, and climate for decades to come. As municipal, provincial and federal governments develop and implement plans for COVID-19 recovery, we call on all levels of governments to prioritize resolving inequity, respecting Indigenous sovereignty, and becoming truly responsive to the climate emergency in these plans.

We believe Squamish can be a leader by committing to bold principles and measurable actions for rebuilding our future.

But we recognize that municipalities are feeling squeezed, and this needs to be a group effort. The District of Squamish is likely to see a significantly reduced operating budget this year, putting social programs and climate action strategies at risk. We are calling on the Governments of BC and Canada to support Squamish and other municipal governments by committing to a Just Recovery and empowering local governments to support their communities.

The Just Recovery movement is a nation-wide movement, with over 400 organizations signed on. It's also one of a variety of efforts working towards driving a sustainable and equitable economic recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic. We've been inspired by these movements and are including some of them here: